Austrian pilot - Vienna


A single family house in Stockerau near Vienna is used for investigating the potential of utilizing low CO2 energy by incorporating photovoltaic, heat pump and energy storage combined with model predictive control approach. A MPC algorithm is developed to calculate future control inputs and hardware-in-the-loop technique will be deployed to test the MPC strategy.

Maximising the use of renewable energy by load shifting: utilizing the thermal mass of the building, integrating a heat pump and thermal energy storage into the building energy system , together with CO2-reduction MPC algorithm, is the working hypothesis for decarbonisation in this research pilot.

The hypothesis will be evaluated in terms of CO2 emission. CO2 emission brought by the CO2-optimizing MPC algorithm will be compared to that of conventional thermostatic control. The evaluation will be quantified by calculating average carbon intensity of the power consumed (Vogler-Finck, Wisniewski, & Popovski, 2018).